Artworks 2017


Kevin Petrie’s 2017 paintings have been described as full of ‘joie de vivre’ and this feeling of happiness or excitement about life is just what Kevin is trying to capture in his work. These pictures have vibrant colours, celebrate the diverse qualities of oil paint and feature drawn lines and writing alongside painterly marks. The works offer gentle ‘snapshots’ of life in parks, gardens, landscapes and at home in still lifes. Until recently, Kevin has made paintings and drawings by working directly from nature in the landscape. But in these pieces, he has worked in the studio from drawings made from life. Kevin is also developing this approach into glass with new ‘reverse painted’ glass works which offer the potential for layering and painting ‘in the round’.

“This work has created a new sense of freedom for me, as I have been able to develop ideas for paintings from several drawings and also use memory and imagination in the pictures. As well as using new drawings as inspiration, I have also used my old sketchbooks as a source for ideas. For example, a series of paintings about St James’s Park in London have emerged from drawings done in the park last year and drawings from a sketchbook I made there 25 years years ago as a young art student. Through this work, I have rediscovered some of the feelings and enthusiasm I had about art when I first went to art school as a teenager: a joy in colour, spontaneous and energetic mark making, the qualities of paint and the direct form of communication that drawing and painting offers”.