'Swimming' series

"A couple of years ago I started open water swimming and this was a great inspiration for my paintings. When swimming in open water you have a completely different, and almost 360, view of the world. This is because your view is constantly changing as you look down into the water, breath from side to side and also look ahead. I have made a number of paintings and drawings that try to express this dynamic view of the world. 


My open water swimming has taken me to Windermere, Royal Victoria Docks in London, The Serpentine, and even across the Firth of Forth alongside the famous Forth Bridge. But my favourite spot to swim is at Roker Beach in Sunderland where I swim with the Fausto Café Swimming Club. In my ‘mind’s eye’ these swims have included beautiful glimpses of the Roker Pier and lighthouse, approaching waves, jelly fish, wonderful skies, views over the surface of the water, my hands moving out of and into the water and snapshots of fellow swimmers. After swimming I return to the studio and try represent these sights and feelings in my paintings".